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Physical Therapy / FST

We view the body as an interconnected whole, and the goal is to restore the balance between mobility and stability to promote optimal function.


NovoTHOR Photobiomodulation

(red light therapy)

Photobiomodulation  (PBM) therapy with the NovoTHOR Light Pod delivers a therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in an efficient full-body treatment.

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NormaTec air compression sleeves use segmental compression to move fluid from the legs back to the heart for circulation.

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Total Wellness Package with Black Flag Athletics

Introducing a great opportunity for fitness and recovery with our partners at Black Flag Athletics. The monthly package includes:

  • Monthly membership to Black Flag Athletics

  • One 60 minute or two 30-minute therapy sessions with Tracy Beck, PT
    The time can be used however you like to support your needs as an athlete. We can address specific issues (like back pain or shoulder pain) with hands-on work, create a customized program for accessory work to improve your mechanics, or focus strictly on recovery with fascial stretch therapy, joint mobilizations, and soft tissue techniques.

  • Two Photobiomodulation sessions in the NovoTHOR Light Pod (red light therapy)
    NovoTHOR delivers a therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in a relaxing 15 minute whole-body treatment. PBM allows your cells to use oxygen more efficiently, which boosts energy production and cellular repair. Effects of regular use include decreased recovery time, improved athletic performance, and decreased inflammation.

  • Four 30-min sessions in Normatec compression boots
    Normatec boots use segmental air compression to move fluid from your legs back to your heart for circulation. A 30-min session reduces recovery time, leaves legs feeling lighter, and feels just plain fabulous after squat day

  • The cost is $355 per month, which is $60 in savings!