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Physical Therapy / FST

We view the body as an interconnected whole, and the goal is to restore the balance between mobility and stability to promote optimal function.


NovoTHOR Photobiomodulation

(red light therapy)

Photobiomodulation  (PBM) therapy with the NovoTHOR Light Pod delivers a therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in an efficient full-body treatment.

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NormaTec air compression sleeves use segmental compression to move fluid from the legs back to the heart for circulation.

Upcoming Events

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Winter Wellness Celebration

January 17, 2019 5pm-7pm

Join Connected PT and our friends from Northstar Beauty Bar and Westlake Nutrition for a little post-holiday R&R. We’ll have hydrating hand treatments to soothe your winter skin, introductions to NovoTHOR to discover the power of red light therapy, and smoothies to give you a boost of energy! Add in a sneak peek at Black Flag Athletics and some awesome raffles, and it’s a great way to spend a dark winter’s night!