Payment Policy



Connected is a private pay practice. We offer patients the flexibility and independence of seeking physical therapy treatment with or without a doctor's referral. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, credit cards, or HSA funds.

We will not file claims directly with a patient's insurance company, but we will provide the necessary codes if a client chooses to self-file. Clients pay at the time of service and the insurance company will reimburse the client according to their plan. If you are planning to file your own claims, we recommend contacting your insurance company first, asking what the benefits are for an out-of-network PT provider, and asking what paperwork is necessary.

MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES:  Connected PT does not participate with Medicare.  Federal regulations prohibit non-network physical therapists from collecting cash payments from Medicare beneficiaries for any problem that can be diagnosed. Therefore, WE CANNOT TREAT CLIENTS WITH MEDICARE, EVEN IF THEY WANT TO PAY CASH. (Yes, it's actually illegal.) If you have questions about this topic, please give us a call.